Saturday, July 31, 2010


Setiap hari kawe dok tengok burung besar selamat mendarat dengan pelbagai jenama yang dibawa di sebelah pagi .Pada sebelah petang hingga ke malam setiap 3 minit sekali burung burung ini akan berlepas di atas kepala yang membinggitkan telinga.

Ramadhan sudah hampir tiba diseluruh dunia ,kali ini kawe akan menyambut ramadhan  di tanah gersang lagi mungkin seronok bagi yang tak biasa ,tiada apa apa keistimewaan kepada yang biasa yang penting fadhilat ramadan itu yang perlu di hayati walau ditanah mana pun yang dipijak.

Selamat menyambut Ramadan kawe ucapkan kepada seluruh keluarga dan sahabat handai tak kira dimana berada ..

Hahahahha....Kawe tahu soalan tu akan bermain di benak sahabat sekelian ....tunggu tengoklah kalau burung Cap MAS mendarat di KLIA selamat maka kawe akan menyambut Aidil Fitri di Malaya ...Kalau tidak ditanah Gersang pun Aidil Fitri boleh disambut .....Selamat ganti Puasa kepada yang tertinggal

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hitler's Pope saved 200,000 Jews

Hitler's Pope," Pope Pius XII, may have arranged for 200,000 Jews to leave Germany after Kristallnacht, The Daily Telegraph reported on Thursday.

German historian Dr. Michael Hesemann told the paper that Pius XII, then known as Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, wrote to archbishops around the world, asking them to obtain exit visas for "non-Aryan Catholics" and Jewish converts to Christianity.

Why was Pius XII silent on the Holocaust?
Editorial: Come clean on Pius XII
Washington Watch: Hitler's pope was no saint

Hesemann is doing research in the Vatican archives sponsored by the Pave the Way foundation, a US interfaith group.

Elliot Hershberg, chairman of Pave the Way, reportedly said: “We believe that many Jews who were successful in leaving Europe may not have had any idea that their visas and travel documents were obtained through these Vatican efforts. Everything we have found thus far seems to indicate the known negative perception of Pope Pius XII is wrong.”

Pius XII was nicknamed "Hitler's Pope" because he did not publicly denounce the Holocaust, the Nazis or Adolf Hitler.

“The fact that this letter speaks of 'converted Jews’ and 'non-Aryan’ Catholics indeed seems to be a cover,” Dr Hesemann told The Daily Telegraph, adding that evidence suggests that visas would have been given to ordinary Jews, as well.

“You couldn’t be sure that Nazi agents wouldn’t learn about this initiative,” he reportedly said. Therefore, the then-cardinal worded his letter in a way that would not allow Nazis to claim that the Catholic Church was an ally of the Jews and use it as propaganda.

The appeal was dated Nov 30, 1938 – 20 days after Kristallnacht, the “night of broken glass”.

Cardinal Pacelli was the Vatican's secretary of state at the time. He was able to ask for the visas because of an agreement he signed with the Nazis, which specifically protected Jews who converted to Christianity.

In December, Pope Benedict XVI declared Pius “Venerable”, a title that means the Church believes he lived a life of “heroic virtue." If two miracles performed by Pius are found, he will be canonized as a saint.

However, some Jewish groups demanded that the canonization process be frozen until the Vatican opens its secret World War 2 archives in 2014.

Sir Martin Gilbert, a British historian and Holocaust expert, has said that Pope Pius XII should be considered as a “Righteous Gentile” by Yad Vashem.

What message does this send?

Road safety campaigners have spoken out after two dangerous Dubai drivers, whose reckless antics were seen around the world on YouTube, were given a fine of just dhs1,000.
The two Emirati men, revealed yesterday to be a 25-year-old police sergeant and a 20-year-old government employee, were caught on camera driving down Sheikh Zayed Road on two wheels and performing handbrake turns in the middle of the carriageway.
At Dubai Misdemeanors Court yesterday, they were both cleared of endangering the lives of other motorists and the public, but were found guilty of reckless driving. They were each fined dhs1,000.
The verdict has shocked those battling to improve the roads in the UAE considered to be among the most dangerous in the world. More than 220 people died on our roads in 2009.
Shanz Zenith, who runs a road safety organisation, said he was stunned: “It’s appalling, a really bad example for drivers.”
Zenith added that The Suraya Foundation, named after his sister who was killed in a car crash, believes community service should be meted out to dangerous drivers. “They should be made to spend time shadowing paramedics so they can see first-hand the damage they can do,” he said.
Safety campaigner and driving expert Adam Kechil agreed, saying “drastic action” was needed to curb the blatant disregard for road rules here and cars should be impounded or even crushed.

Reckless drivers were ‘just enjoying themselves’
“You have to take something away from people if you want to change their behaviour,” Kechil said. “This case sends out completely the wrong message.”
But, the men’s lawyer, Saeed Al Gelani, defended the sentence, saying his clients had been part of a procession overseen by the police.
“My clients were just enjoying themselves,” he said. “They are experts at such stunts.” He also said that his clients have been punished twice for their acts.
“The police fined them and seized their vehicles... then after three weeks the police called them in again and made this new case,” he said. “They have paid the penalty twice.”
The drivers had been part of a procession of fans celebrating Al Wasl Football Club’s win in the Gulf Club Champions Cup in May.
Neither prosecutors nor Dubai Police would comment on the verdict, although Dubai Public Prosecution did say it will appeal.
A police spokesman said the force made all its points when the men were arrested in May.
At the time General Khamis Mattar Al Muzaina, the deputy director of Dubai Police, condemned their driving as “reckless and wild”. He also said the officers supervising the procession had not been aware of the stunts.
Earlier this year, Dubai Police unveiled an ambitious plan to cut the death toll on the emirate’s roads to zero by 2020.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Kemarin kawe bersama beberapa sahabat yang lain meraikan seorang teman seperjuangan di tanah gersang ini di Blue Elephant Restoren di Rotana Hotel Dubai.Hari ini merupakan hari terakhir beliau berada di Dubai bersama kami .

Buffet di restoren Thai ini banyak guna pilihan makanan yang dihidangkan ...Tapi yang paling menarik bagi kawe dan rakan rakan yang lain ialah buah rambutan yang disediakan sebagai pencuci mulut.

Orang lain hanya mengambil 2 tiga bijik sahaja tapi kawe ambil dengan pingan besar dan makan seperti dari pokok sendiri hahahaha..puasss.kami nikmati 3 pingan besar rambutan malam tadi dan memaksa pihak restoren menambah lagi rambutan .
Apa pun selamat berangkat kawe ucapkan kepada sahabat kawe tu....

In trouble with the law... for running?

You have to hear this yesterday a friend of mine was detained by the police (and taken to their office) for... running to catch the metro!
Needless to say he missed the train and was late by an hour. What’s next I’m wondering?!?
Haven’t we had enough with being laughed at and ridiculed on the pages of the international media?
Isn’t there anybody from those with decision-making ability who cares about the image Dubai has been portraying for the last one year or so?
Way to go, Dubai Police, “fairy” traffic fines and ridiculous “offences”!

Friendly flirting cost me

A British man jailed for a month and deported for public indecency said an innocent peck on the cheek had turned his life upside down.
Speaking for the first time since his release from Dubai Central Jail last week, management consultant Ayman Najafi said: “I was very happy in Dubai. I was going where I wanted to go. It was a very big shock to the system.” He and fellow Brit Charlotte Adams, 24, were both jailed after an Emirati woman told police she had seen them kiss and touch each other in the now infamous incident at a Jumeirah Beach Residence restaurant late last year.
The pair challenged the conviction in March, insisting they had only kissed on the cheek, but their appeal failed.
Najafi, 25, who had been living in Dubai for 18 months, explained how he, Adams and three friends stopped at Bob’s Diner, where an evening catching up with pals last November suddenly turned sour.
Najafi, who says the pair were not a couple and had only met a handful of times, said: “We were talking and laughing and possibly Charlotte and I were flirting but we weren’t being loud or drawing much attention to ourselves.
“About halfway through the conversation, I must have made a cheeky remark and Charlotte gave me a kiss on the cheek and I received it, I accepted it.

Bewildered by arrest
“We carried on talking and eating, paid the bill and then went.”
As the group left the restaurant, Najafi says two plain-clothed CID officers stopped them. He and Adams were both arrested.
Najafi says he was bewildered and it was hours before police explained why he had been detained.
“I was aware that you're not allowed to live with a female unless you're married and that public displays of affection are not allowed,” he said.
“But Dubai is a very deceiving place… there are local customs you need to be aware of but there are also a lot of grey areas.”
He and Adams (both pictured) were released on bail and told they would likely face a fine.
But weeks later, Najafi was jailed.
“I got emotional when I was in the van with 20 other criminals, handcuffed to one of them thinking you’re on your way to jail,” he said.
“You’ve just said goodbye to everyone and quit your job - it’s a surreal feeling.”
Now the ordeal is over, Najafi, who was speaking to the BBC in the UK, says that he is thrilled to be back at his home in London.
But he added: “I have really good friends in Dubai and I'm going to miss them. That’s the sad part.”

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Caught out by lover's death

A woman has been jailed for sex outside wedlock after her lover suffered a fatal heart attack during the crime.
The pair met in a Dubai bar when the man, a 47-year-old Iranian, was in town on business. They had a few drinks and then went up to his room at a hotel in the Naif area.
However, the tryst took a deadly turn when the man, who had a history of heart problems, suffered severe chest pains. His lover, also Iranian, alerted  reception and told them to call  an ambulance. Paramedics arrived at the hotel but the man died.
The woman told police she had sex with the man and described how afterwards, he pulled away and started screaming. “She said he had terrible chest pains and was struggling to breathe,” a police office told Dubai Court of Misdemeanors.
The woman has been jailed for two months for an illegal affair.

Man had a bad heart
She told police she met the man and his friends in a bar and then went with him to his hotel room.
But in court she changed her story and denied it was an affair, claiming she had a marriage certificate that proved they were wed.
An inspection of the man’s room found medication for high cholesterol. He had also undergone open-heart surgery and had suffered a stroke in the past.
A friend said he and the deceased had been in Dubai for an exhibition and that they met the woman at a bar.
The case comes a day after a maid was in court for having an affair after hospital staff told police she was pregnant.