Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Caught out by lover's death

A woman has been jailed for sex outside wedlock after her lover suffered a fatal heart attack during the crime.
The pair met in a Dubai bar when the man, a 47-year-old Iranian, was in town on business. They had a few drinks and then went up to his room at a hotel in the Naif area.
However, the tryst took a deadly turn when the man, who had a history of heart problems, suffered severe chest pains. His lover, also Iranian, alerted  reception and told them to call  an ambulance. Paramedics arrived at the hotel but the man died.
The woman told police she had sex with the man and described how afterwards, he pulled away and started screaming. “She said he had terrible chest pains and was struggling to breathe,” a police office told Dubai Court of Misdemeanors.
The woman has been jailed for two months for an illegal affair.

Man had a bad heart
She told police she met the man and his friends in a bar and then went with him to his hotel room.
But in court she changed her story and denied it was an affair, claiming she had a marriage certificate that proved they were wed.
An inspection of the man’s room found medication for high cholesterol. He had also undergone open-heart surgery and had suffered a stroke in the past.
A friend said he and the deceased had been in Dubai for an exhibition and that they met the woman at a bar.
The case comes a day after a maid was in court for having an affair after hospital staff told police she was pregnant.
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